The SMARTdrill® Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Position, Torque and Energy

Position, Torque and Energy are all displayed in the appropriate boxes.

Watch the Power vs Depth Curve as it is produced during bone drilling at: Bone Drilling.
(The GUI starts at about 17 seconds.)

Features of the GUI

The instantaneous Position (i.e. depth) and instantaneous Torque are displayed in the red-circled boxes to the left. The cumulative (total) Drilling Energy is displayed in the red-circled box to the right.

The Distance is the length of the drill bit that has moved out of the drill guide. This gives the surgeon the ability to accurately estimate the screw size needed (to within 0.5 mm).

The Torque is related to the work the drill bit is doing. Converting Torque to Power gives a measure of the amount of Energy being consumed at any given moment in the drilling process. The surgeon can chose to monitor either Torque vs Depth or, as is displayed here, Power vs Depth on the moving graph in the large display area.

In the hyperlinked video you can see that a 3.2 mm drill bit was used to cut into a bicortical SawbonesTM block (Bone Drilling).

Since the total Drilling Energy for this hole was 3.1 Joules – if a standard non-locking, self-tapping 4.5 mm screw is used, then, from the graph below, this screw will store approximately 300 Newtons of pullout force.

Drilling Energy and Pullout Strength