Save Time - The SMARTpath to Efficiency

SMARTdrill® technology provides a new approach to orthopaedic drilling that reduces the number of steps to complete a properly sized screw insertion from five to seven steps, or more, to just two simple steps.

The current method for drilling holes in bone for the purpose of fixing implants is rife with inefficiencies. These inefficiencies cost hospitals millions of dollars in time and surgical equipment.  Unfortunately, it also costs patients safety and the risk of poor outcomes. The SMARTdrill® offers a new, smarter path to efficiency. Currently, surgeons are forced into a lengthy process in order to drill holes and place screws in bone. This process can require over five steps (see above) and expose the patient and OR staff to x-ray radiation multiple times. The SMARTdrill® comes with a simple two step process that requires much less radiation during surgery (see below).

The SMARTdrill® is easy to use, has a short learning curve and will ultimately provide great savings of time. This technology provides accurate measurement of drilling depth, eliminating the need for wire gauges and reducing intra-operative x-rays, giving surgeons the information they need to make the first screw the right screw. SMARTdrill® takes the guesswork out of surgery, by providing surgeons with accurate real-time data.  It reduces the number of steps in the screw placement process. The SMARTdrill® provides a smarter path to efficiency.